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Uptown park to be renamed, update on social districts, and other city happenings

Thomas Polk Park, located at the corner of Trade Street and Tryon Street, is getting a new look and a new name, according to this week’s city council meeting agenda. The park is currently named after Thomas Polk, a Confederate soldier who was also the great-uncle of the 11th President of the United States, James K. Polk.

The Polk Partnership Framework will work with Charlotte Center City Partners and civic leaders to complete the park’s redesign. 

According to the meeting agenda, the city will contribute approximately $350,000 to the park’s demolition. Plans to redesign the park have been years in the making as the city tried to fund a funding partner. 

Photo: Gleen Burkins/QCity Metro

The renovated park would fix issues such as an overgrown landscape, lack of adequate lighting and an inoperable water feature.

Why it matters: Thomas Polk Park’s renaming comes eight months after the renaming of Stonewall Street, which honored Stonewall Jackson, a Confederate general who fought to preserve slavery.  

It is currently unknown what Thomas Polk Park’s new name will be. 

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