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Tips for the Fourth of July


The Humane Society of Charlotte urges everyone to remember to practice pet safety during Fourth of July Weekend. Below are some tips and tricks to keep your animals safe while observing the holiday weekend.

Fireworks Tips

  1. Make sure your animals are locked inside, even pets who are normally outdoors. Pets can become startled by the sudden noises from fireworks and jump fences or “door-dash. Pick an interior room in your home for your pet to muffle the noise as much as possible.
  2. Noise still bothering them? Play some classical music to provide a calming environment with constant soothing noise.
  3. Consider utilizing a thunder-shirt or compression garment. Favorite toys or comfort elements, such as a Kong of peanut butter or belly rubs, work well too.
  4. In extreme cases, talk to your veterinarian in advance about medications or supplements to calm them.

Outdoor/Recreational Safety

  1. Make sure your dog has a canine-appropriate life-jacket when boating, kayaking, or spending time near bodies of water. Never throw your dog into the water.
  2. Provide plenty of water if spending extended periods of time outside in the heat and bring treats to reinforce good behavior.
  3. Keep pets away from grills, barbecues, and human food.
  4. Bring pet waste bags to clean up after your pet.

Questions about how to keep your pet safe during the Holiday Weekends? Email us


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