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Three weeks into their relationship, Chesnee was sure that she had met her future husband. That’s when she started making plans for their big day. This is her story.

Bride: Chesnee Epps, 32, senior ability analyst – The Hartford Insurance, native of Greenville, South Carolina
Groom: Troy Epps, 36, production team lead, native of Buffalo, South Carolina
Current Residence: Greenville, South Carolina
Wedding Date: September 3, 2022
Venue/Location: Gassaway Mansion – Greenville, SC

How They Met

I met Troy in 2017 on social media. He had posted a video of himself on Instagram singing a song that I absolutely love, ‘Brown Sugar’ by DeAngelo. I commented on the post saying that it was my favorite song. After that, Troy started loving and liking all my posts. He also started commenting on my stories. I could tell he was interested but I wasn’t in that space. I was a single mom with kids who had experienced a number of failed relationships. I was just not feeling it.  

About a week later, he sent me a DM that said, “I’ve been admiring you for a while. Do you mind if I take you out to dinner?”  I had been single for about three years, so I waited about an hour before answering him and prayed on it. I decided one date would not hurt; it was just a date. I took a leap of faith and said yes.

Their First Date

When the time came for our date, I was about to change my mind. I tried to think of an excuse, like I didn’t have a babysitter. I spoke with my mom and my best friend Alexis, and they pushed me to go.

When I got my first glimpse of him, I was kind of shocked because he looked exactly like his Instagram pictures. Lately, a lot of people don’t look like their pictures on social media. He was muscular, tall, dark and very handsome. I believe that he was the first man who ever opened my door and gave me flowers. It was like something out of a movie. He made a very good impression on me


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