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National Make A Will Month: Free Will & HSC Legacy Society Testimonial


August is National Make-A-Will Month, and HSC has partnered with Free Will to expand our Legacy Society. You can add HSC to your will and we will show our immense thanks and appreciation by recognizing you as a member of our Legacy Society. Members are recognized publicly on a donor wall in our shelter and on our website (unless they prefer to remain anonymous) as well as receive invitations to private events for Legacy Society Members. Our partnership with Free Will allows us to make this process free and easy for anyone who wants to help support our animals for generations to come. Below is a testimonial from a current Legacy Society member Kelsey Ruocco on why she and her husband joined and how being a Legacy Society member brings them joy!

● When and how did you first hear about HSC’s work?

○  I have lived in Charlotte for just shy of 10 years and HSC was one of the first non-profit organizations I became interested in helping. I grew up with rescue dogs so animal welfare has always been a passion. As an employee of HSC for over three and a half years, I’m exceptionally passionate about the work that we do.

● How have you personally been involved or impacted by our work?

○  I’m lucky enough to have been involved in the day-to-day for the last 3.5 years. I’m even luckier to be the mom of a dog rescued by HSC. Tally, then Carnival, was picked up by our friends at CMACC as a stray. When we pulled her from their shelter soon after they saved her, she arrived at HSC pregnant, HW+, underweight, missing hair, and suffering from a double ear infection. Even though she was in rough shape, she was the sweetest dog who just wanted to crawl up in my lap. It was love at first sight!

● What has been an HSC initiative that you’ve personally connected with/feel is extremely important?

○  All of our programs bring so much value to the community, but being able to see first-hand how our non-discriminatory adoption practices, as well as our low-cost clinic, affect our community is incredible. Owning a pet should not be a luxury afforded to some. Animals bring so much joy, love, compassion, and so much more into our lives. Anyone who is willing to be a responsible pet owner should have that opportunity.

● What outcomes or vision do you hope to see from our work?

○  I hope to see continued changes to animal welfare as a whole with HSC leading the charge. Our team challenges the status quo and I love that.

● What are a few adjectives you’d use to describe HSC to someone who has never heard of it, and why would you choose those words?

○  Compassionate and life-changing. We are rooted in love and compassion for the people and animals we serve. The services we provide, from our adoption program to our pet food bank, truly are life-changing.

● Why did you feel it was important to include HSC in your will and legacy?

○ My husband and I felt that I was the least we could do to honor the two dogs we’ve adopted together who have changed our lives for the better. The more animals we can help and the more people we can give that same opportunity to adopt to, the better.

● Would you recommend others get involved in supporting HSC through a legacy gift? If so, why?

○  Absolutely! It has been incredible to see the legacy that folks leave behind to HSC when they pass. Every time we receive a bequest gift, no matter the size, we are wowed by the generosity. Those gifts go such a long way for the people and pets in Charlotte.


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