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Longtime pastor of Victory Christian Center passes away


Longtime pastor, educator, author, and founder of Victory Christian Center Robyn Gool passed away Friday, Nov. 18. 

“As his condition worsened and he was at home most of the time, Sunday morning was a time to look forward to his most favorite thing to do,” Marilyn Gool, his wife, said in a videotaped message on the church’s website. 

“Teaching and preaching the word of God; I couldn’t take that from him because without purpose, people give up easily,” she continued. 

She shared that he had ended his “fight,” referencing an unspecified illness he had for some time.

Pastor Gool is survived by his wife, Marilyn Gool, and two daughters Marilyn Joi White and Sanchia Chapman, and their families. 

Dedicating his life

According to a Whitaker House biography, Pastor Gool was born in Detroit, Michigan on February 11, 1953. 


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