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Local playwright focuses on men of color and their fight for mental health


Three friends meet in an apartment in Harlem… What could go wrong?

This is one of the catchy lines from Michael Garcia’s “Stuff Inside My Head,” a new play set to premier in early 2023 at Central Piedmont Community College.

Garcia, an Afro-Latino playwright and author based in Charlotte, wrote the play to encourage more Black and Latino men to seek treatment for mental health issues. 

A survey 0f 2,700 adults, published by Blue Cross and Blue Shield, found that 54% of Black respondents and 47% of Hispanic respondents said that people with mental health issues in their communities were often patronized, compared to 37% of white respondents. 

Garcia experienced depression, which he says is a product of not seeing people in his childhood environment seek treatment for mental health problems.

The play began as a book of poetry that Garcia published last year, containing some of the thoughts he was battling while facing depression.


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