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Local Pastor is ‘confronting whiteness’ to address racism


At a time when some politicians are supporting “anti-wokeness” and pushing back on the idea of Critical Race Theory, one Charlotte pastor is embracing it.

Rev.Ben Boswell, pastor of the predominantly white Myers Park Baptist Church, wants his congregation and the white community to address racism by “confronting their whiteness” through self-examination. 

He is so committed that in 2021 he created a conference called “Confronting Whiteness.“ At the conference, white people are invited to gather and learn from the work of Black creatives and scholars, self-examine their own views and discuss race.

“Black lives are more important than white feelings. So if it comes down to a choice between feelings and lives, we choose lives,” the 42-year-old said. 

“It doesn’t mean your feelings are not important. But we are not gonna prioritize your feelings in a way that leads to continued premature death for the black community.”

The first conference saw 100 people participate. Now, preparing for its second run, Boswell said he hopes to bring more people together.


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