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Idea for Charlotte to steal: Nashville developer partners with housing nonprofit


Those working to solve Charlotte’s housing shortage know each additional affordable unit is critical as population and needs grow.

The city of Charlotte calculated 32,000 units are needed to meet the needs of more than 50,000 Charlotteans who don’t have an affordable place to live. Since 2001, Charlotte has produced almost 11,000 units toward that goal through partnerships with nonprofits, developers and faith-based groups for residents who make below a certain percentage of the city’s median income.

Still, ​supply struggles to keep up with demand​.

Charlotte sometimes looks to similar-sized cities — especially areas where the need is even greater — for inspiration, Charlotte Housing Services Director Warren Wooten said.

One possible solution: ​combining developer-owned land (and interests) with nonprofit-owned land.​

In Nashville, Tennessee, a developer purposely bought a parcel near land owned by a nonprofit to increase how much affordable housing could be built there. ​


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