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‘I will not let you die in vain’: At Charlotte rally, speakers demand ‘justice for Shanquella’ Robinson


“Justice For Shanquella”: Those words reverberated Saturday inside the hallowed walls of Little Rock A.M.E. Zion Church, where an estimated 200 people rallied to demand that action be taken on behalf of Shanquella Robinson, who died under suspicious circumstances while vacationing with friends in Mexico.

“She was a young girl from my city, making it in a world that makes it so hard for little Black girls to continue to dream,” Akayla Galloway, founder of the Social Justice Center, was quoted as saying in The Charlotte Observer.

“Protecting Black women is not something to take lightly,” Galloway said. “It’s a charge for our entire community to stand up for Black women.”

Other speakers, like Mayor Pro Tem Braxton Winston and County Commissioner Pat Cotham, offered words of comfort to Robinson’s family. 

“Her story was just starting; she was just a young woman,” Cotham said. “Death is easier to accept when the story is ending, is a long story. It is so hard, so very hard, when it is just beginning.”

The authorities have released little information about Robinson’s death investigation. After initially being told that Robinson, a 25-year-old hair braider, died from alcohol poisoning, her family has come to believe she may have been killed.


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