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How should Mecklenburg county spend our tax dollars? A chance for resident input

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Where Should the Money Go?  

The Mecklenburg County Commissioners are deciding how to fund these 27 services for the upcoming fiscal year.

Mecklenburg County Commissioners and the County Manager are close to deciding how to spend more than a billion dollars of your tax money, and they want to hear your thoughts.

This year’s budget, adopted last spring, is $2.2 billion. Of that amount, $1.56 billion comes from county revenue dollars, including property and sales taxes. These are the dollars that the Board of County Commissioners has control over and allocates to the 27 county service categories.  These services include courts, education (including Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools), economic development, environmental protection, and workforce development and training.  

The county does not fund law enforcement, fire, traffic or street services. These services are paid for by the state or individual cities and towns. 

So, as Commissioners and county staff work to build next year’s budget, which of the county services deserve more or less money?

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