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Giving thanks for life, health and a new beginning in Charlotte

Denise Williams moved to Charlotte from Silver Springs, M.D. about four months ago. She is an entrepreneur who makes body butter and enjoys nature. 

As the Thanksgiving holiday approaches, Denise reflects on a remarkable journey during which doctors told her family that without drastic intervention, she had just hours to live.

When we asked Denise what brought her to Charlotte, her answer was simple: Amazing Grace.

In this installment of QCity Newcomers, Williams talks about her journey, her hopes for the future and plans for the holiday. 

Please welcome her to the Queen City and share your secrets for making new connections in the comments section below. 

What brought you here?

I grew up in Miami, Florida, but had lived in Atlanta for about 20 years. Near the end of June 2020, I took a vacation back to Florida. By July 4, 2020, I had developed Covid-19. I had lost my sense of smell and taste, but things got worse when I began struggling to breathe. I could hardly breathe in, and I knew I had to go to the hospital.  

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