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From the QCity Team: Plans for spring


Spring is here, and the warmer weather is just one part of its allure.

In addition to sunnier days and flowers in bloom, spring is commonly known as the season for “newness.” Things like spring cleaning, new projects and outdoor events are happening all around.

The QCity team shared what we’re most excited to experience this season. From the Charlotte Fair to “just being outside,” here are some of our plans for spring:

Glenn Burkins, Publisher

Charleston, S.C., is one of my favorite weekend destinations. Now with the International African American Museum set to open there on June 27 (not quite spring, but close enough), I’ll have one more reason to visit.

The $120 million project has been underway for more than 20 years and will tell the story of the Middle Passage – the cruel sea journey that brought millions of enslaved Africans to the so-called New World. 


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