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City Manager Marcus Jones received text about May light rail derailment

City Manager Marcus Jones acknowledged in a media briefing Thursday that he was made aware of the May 2022 light rail derailment before Brent Cagle shared the news. He corrected a prior statement saying he had no knowledge of the derailment. Jones said he received a text from former CATS CEO, John Lewis reading:

“FYI. We just had a minor derailment of the blue line train heading northbound at Archdale station. Middle set of wheels came off the track—36 people on board. No injuries. We have a bus bridge in place while we investigate.”

Lewis resigned from his role as CEO last fall. 

“This surprised me. This is something that I missed, and I do not recall receiving this text,” Jones said. He added that finding the text prompted him to “continue to review” his exchanges with Lewis. 

Jones said that typically when communicating with Lewis, there was some “acknowledgment” like a “thank you” or a “thumbs up.” Jones said none of those acknowledgments were associated with that text. 

“CATS leadership did not think that the May 2022 derailment warranted more action than the aforementioned text,” Jones said. 

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