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Charlotte’s Black News Quiz – Q City Metro

How closely do you follow the news on QCity Metro?

Our news quiz is drawn from articles we published last week, either online or in our daily newsletter (sign up here).

The average score on last week’s quiz was 67. Can you beat that score this week?

Good luck.


Veteran journalist Ju-Don Marshall was named president and CEO of what Charlotte-based news organization?


Who said this? “I am grateful that it appears that no one was harmed as a result of this mishap…”


Charlotte City Council last week approved the purchase and demolition of two motels near Sugar Creek Road. Why?


Care Ring, a nonprofit organization that provides health services to people in need, recently got a $200,000 grant from LISC to provide what new service?


On April 27, the Carolina Panthers will host what public event at Bank of America Stadium?


Charlotte resident Kobe Campbell was a guest on “Good Morning America” last week to discuss her new book, “Why Am I Like This?” What is Campbell’s occupation?


Myles McGregor started Charlotte Immaculate, a transportation company, in 2021. His business began to flourish when a chance connection with one of Charlotte’s top executives sent him on a mission to pick up ____ from another state.


Community Table Bistro held its grand opening last week. In addition to serving affordable food, it partners with ____ to provide training for people looking to enter the food service industry.


What is the name of the Charlotte nonprofit that recently opened a transitional housing facility for formerly incarcerated women?


The Uptown Farmers Market opened for a fourth season on Saturday. When does the season end?

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