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Charlotte Today News – Part 2 – Interview With Dr. Robert J.

Charlotte Today News on December 7th, we bring you a special two-part interview with Dr. Larry Dossey, a leading meditation facilitator and creator of the Self-Mastery Series of CDs. In part one we discuss topics such as creating change, creating personal power, and making a profit. In part two we look at the benefits of meditation for individuals, families, groups, and organizations.

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Dr. Larry Dossey is a world renowned expert in mind and body practices, specializing in the areas of creativity and health, and using those disciplines to help people create change in their lives. He has been invited to be a keynote speaker at the World Federation of Chiropractic Medicine’s 50th anniversary celebrations, and is currently working on a memoir detailing his life and career. In addition to his work as a health consultant, he is the creator of the Self-Mastery Series of books, which has become very popular with people of all ages. He is also the founder of TMN, which is a network of “mindfully” trained meditation facilitators. He was recently selected as a podcast contributor, where he speaks on a wide range of topics focusing on health, creativity, leadership, money, peace, happiness, and more.

In our second part of this interview we will look at the benefits of meditation for families, and a sample from the Self-Mastery Series. As part of the “Self-Mastery Series,” Dr. Dossey will join us for an educational pilot with a spiritual theme, discussing his book and his work with families. Also joining us on the podcast is Jon Kabat-Zinn, who serves as a medical doctor and advisor to Stress Relief Now, a program of the Center for Happiness and Wellness. Jon has many years of experience in treating anxiety and depression, and he will be a panelist for our discussion. Jon will be discussing how families can develop a self-care vision board workshop, as well as offering information about his book, No Nonsense Guide to Getting Your Life Back on Track.

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