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Charlotte city council considering decreasing motels in Sugar Creek

According to an item on today’s agenda, Charlotte City Council may approve the purchase and demolition of a motel and replace it with affordable housing. 

The 4.5-acre property, on which an Economy Inn sits, is worth $4.2 million. The motel is located in District 1, which Charlotte City Council Member Dante Anderson represents.

Economy Inn and another motel on the property, Budget Inn, are owned by property management companies Mara Enterprises and Rising Tides. Economy Inn is within walking distance north of Charlotte neighborhood Hidden Valley. 

Marjorie Parker, the president of Hidden Valley Community Association, said many Hidden Valley residents are excited about the possibility of the city tearing the hotel down due to the crime in the area. In the last six months, 485 crimes have been reported in the area where the Economy Inn and Budget Inn motels are located, according to the city’s Crime Map.

According to the agenda for an upcoming city council meeting, the city’s Spring 2020 Sugar Creek/85 Design Sprint and 2022 Sugar Creek Playbook suggested “reducing the number of motel rooms” in the area to decrease the number of violent crimes. It would be a welcomed change, Parker said.

“I think we may have quite a few people show up [to the city council meeting],” Parker said. Parker has lived in Hidden Valley for 48 years. She and her husband moved to the neighborhood in 1977 and raised their children there. Parker said crime started to become an issue in the community around the 1990s. 

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