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The Johnson C. Smith University football team is practicing at Bank of America Stadium. Why?


Last week we featured Dr. Paula Newsome, who became the first Black woman to open a private ____ practice in Charlotte.


Ark Veterinary Hospital is the only Black-owned animal clinic in Charlotte. Dr. Kevin Scruggs, one of the owners, graduated from ____ University, the only HBCU to house a schools of veterinarian medicine.


Za’Nia Stinson was selected to attend this year’s Disney Dreamers Academy. The Charlotte teen and her mother started a nonprofit that serves what population of people?


April 8 marked the _____th anniversary of Martin Luther King Jr.’s assassination in Memphis, Tenn.


The city of Charlotte announced it will take part in a nationwide effort to nurture Black-owned businesses. That is the name of that nationwide program?


“I did it. I really did it.” So said Ayanna Florence, a Charlotte woman who won first place in what type of national competition?


Singer and reality star K. Michelle made a trip to North Carolina last week to support her son after he joined the Gamma Beta chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity. What HBCU did Michel visit?


Jameka Whitten, a public relations professional and lifelong vegan, was named president of which local nonprofit?


In our latest edition of Datin’ Charlotte, Sadie ended her relationship with Derek. Before they split, however, she got a free ticket to see ____ perform.

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