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BREAKING: U.S. charges will not be filed in Shanquella Robinson case


The U.S. Attorney’s Office announced Wednesday afternoon that charges will not be filed in the United States in the death of Shanquella Robinson.

A release on the office’s website shared that while a federal crime was committed “beyond a reasonable doubt,” its investigation determined the available evidence “does not support a federal prosecution.”

The release also noted that the U.S. Attorney’s Offices in the Middle and Western Districts of North Carolina and the FBI met with Robinson’s family to “offer their condolences” and “present the findings of the federal investigation into Robinson’s death.

Robinson, 25, made national news after she died Oct. 29 in the Mexican resort city of Cabo San Lucas, where she had gone with six friends the previous day.

Robinson’s parents raised questions about the circumstances of her death.

An autopsy report listed the cause of death as “severe spinal cord injury and atlas luxation,” or instability of the upper vertebrae.


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