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Black-owned transportation startup finds success with high-profile clients


During the pandemic, Myles McGregor was looking for a consistent way to make money, so he and his friends created a “one-stop shop” business to perform various odd jobs, from maintenance and cleaning to transportation.

The latter caught the attention of one of Charlotte’s top executives, Malcomb Coley. Through Coley’s referral, McGregor transitioned the business into a full-time transportation company called Charlotte Immaculate, where he now transports some of the area’s top executives.

“My referrals are a reflection of me,” Coley told QCity Metro. “I refer him to my closest confidants, my closest friends, my closest colleagues, my closest peers in the community because I know he’s accountable. I don’t have to worry.”

Since connecting with Coley, McGregor’s company has contracted with Ernst and Young, Lowes, Bank of America and Falfurrias Capital Partners to transport their top executives, board members and clients throughout Charlotte and surrounding areas.

He has seven drivers and six vehicles, including two Teslas, three Chevy Suburbans and a Cadillac Escalade. 

Following the music

McGregor’s first career passion was in music, and he initially created Charlotte Immaculate to fund his career.


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