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Attorney Benjamin Crump to meet with White House officials regarding Shanquella Robinson


Thursday, a spokesperson for the family of Shanquella Robinson announced new developments in the family’s efforts to have the case solved. The family’s attorney Benjamin Crump and legal team are expected to meet with White House and Senate officials.

No official date for the meeting has been announced, but it is expected to happen “after April 1,” according to a Crump. 

The announcement comes a week after Robinson’s family, Crump and attorney Sue-Ann Robinson traveled to Washington D.C., in attempts to persuade President Joe Biden and the U.S. Department of State to intervene in the investigation of their daughter’s death in Mexico last October.

During the visit to D.C., the attorneys shared a letter sent to the White House on March 13 naming a 26-year-old woman as the suspect wanted in Mexico. The letter includes findings from an independent investigation conducted by Sue-Ann Robinson in Mexico. The 18-page report includes an autopsy and unreleased documents from prosecutors and police.

Robinson died in October 2022 while vacationing in Mexico with six others. Mexican authorities have charged a person of interest with femicide, but no arrests have been made in the case.

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